Thursday, July 21, 2011

Detox & 7 System Recovery

Sandblasting the system

By repairing the Liver the body is sandblasted into an optimum elimination center for ALL toxin accumulation and waste. When the system of elimination is working, then the body becomes more sensitive and responsive to the absorption of nutrients.

Hepa Mek, is a combination that is the most important foundation for beginning your course and the Total Body Recovery system of healing.
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Other tinctures have been designed for assisting the body with severe radiation, poisoning and iodine deficiency and for elimination of viral and bacterial infections and all parasites, and can be combined together for the Detox treatment

D e t o x i f i c a t i o n  : T r e a t m e n t s


Hepa-mek Soft Capsules for Liver & 7 systems Detox Original Formula
30 capsules $30US


NEW Hepa-ULTRA Capsules for Liver & 7 systems Detox Ultimate Formula
30 capsules $33US

for the treatment of detoxifying the liver and gallbladder, severe liver disorder, cirrhosis, hepatitis and fatty liver, detoxes all 7 body systems [nervous, muscular, osteo-articular, endocrine, organs]
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Calculi-PLUS capsules for Complete kidney Recovery
30 caps $33US

This is a powerful combination that works to restore kidney function in days and weeks
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Oxyviral Drops Natural Antibiotic Antiviral Treatment
30ml spagyric concentrate $33US

A biopharmacological combination to aid, anabolic, hypoglycemic , smooth muscle relaxant, cardiac depressant,antifertility, adaptogenic and auto-immune boosting properties of these plants.
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Anti-Radiation Tincture for Severe radiation poisoning
30ml spagyric concentrate $33US

This Tincture is designed and formulated to remove radiation from the body once it has been irradiated by a nuclear or radiation emergency situation or severe environmental poisoning.
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Natural Plant Iodine Tincture
30ml spagyric concentrate $33US

Oxygenates the blood to kill parasites. Can be taken internally for ailments such as gout, rheumatism, glandular disturbances, worms, and parasites. It is used to help balance sugar levels, excessive toxins and fatty materials.
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Sinus Clear drops
For clearing Sinus Canals & Respiratory Tract
30ml spagyric concentrate $30US

Acute and chronic catarrh of the nose maxillary sinus, blocked nose, sinusitis, formation of polypus, assist drainage in the entire sinuses, excellent for clearing blockages in the head region, and allowing more oxygen to enter the brain. Detoxifies Chemtrails deep cellular purge. Drains and clears canals and respiratory functions.

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