Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phyto-Nucleus Pet Care Products

'Think out of the Box' Pet Care Solutions

We have made available a new line of Pet Care products designed to treat and remedy animals in the same miraculous way!
Now your Pets can enjoy our exotic plant combinations and all the full benefits of whole body healing through phyto nutrition!

Save trips to the Vet with use of preventative combinations designed specially to keep your animals healthy happy and enjoy longer lives!

Our Series of Phyto-nucleus therapy for Pet Care

Parasite Cleanse (For Pets)

Pets have many of the same parasites that we get, including Ascaris (common roundworm), hookworm, Trichinella, Strongyloides, heartworm and a variety of tapeworms. Every pet living in your home should be deparasitized (cleared of parasites) and maintained on a parasite program.
Monthly trips to your vet are not sufficient. (Besides, your vet will give your pet drugs, which may have side effects later; and drugs generally kill only 1, or very few, kinds of parasites and kill immune system- This elixir works as a Natural antibiotic and supports immunity.
Very fast working!

You may not need to get rid of your pet to keep yourself free of parasites.

This elixir will Cleanse all known parasites, viral infections, bacterial infections and support and build the immune system.

Parasite Cleanse (for Pets) $27US 30ml bottle

Full spectrum Nutrition (for Pets)

Covers entire spectrum of minerals, calciums and vitamins as well as cellular repair, nutrition for teeth, bones, muscles and eyes sight, helpful for ageing pets and preventative care for young animals for optimum growth. Builds Immune system and retards cellular degeneration.

Full spectrum Nutrition $27US 30ml bottle

Tumour and Growth Care (for Pets)

For all kinds of growths, masses, tumours, blood clots, preventative growth of tumours, and cancers in animals, helps dissolve growths of all kinds (soft and hard)

Tumour and Growth Care $27US 30ml bottle

Liver and Organ detox (for Pets)

For complete detox of entire internal system, builds energy in weak animals due to trauma, surgery and radiation. Supports digestion.

Liver & Organ detox $27US 30ml bottle

Intestine Balance (for Pets)

Covers entire intestinal tract, improves digestion, regulates diarrhea and constipation, intestinal worms and parasites, assists cleaning and repairing fecal pockets and stomach lining as well as intestinal damage of any kind. Balances healthy bacteria growth and neutralizes acidity.

Intestine Balance $27US 30ml bottle