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Transference of powerful energies directly from the wisdom of nature!

"Homeopathy alone cannot be a panacea to everything nor any one discipline of medicine. In this Era of discovery it's time to awaken to the possibility of miracles."

“The vital force is not enclosed in man, but radiates within and around him like a luminous sphere. It is a radiating essence, and in these semi-material rays, the imagination of man produces healthy or unhealthy effects. But of these invisible causes of disease popular medicine knows next to nothing. Men who are devoid of the power of spiritual perception are unable to recognize the existence of anything that cannot be seen externally. There are some who have learned so much that their learning has driven out all their common sense. Medical science may be acquired by learning, but medical wisdom is the gift of God.” Paracelsus (1493–1541)

All NEW and Improved Concentrated Enhanced w additional Plant extracts!

S p a g y r i k a : Plant A l c h e m y

Our exotic elixirs were created with references from ancient Shamanic formulae as well as powerful plant extracts discovered and put to trial for 1000's of years by the Ming dynasty in Ancient China, the foundation of their discoveries were based on Vital Life force energy, Anti-aging, sexual vitality and Longevity. 

In addition to this we at Spagyrika believe that positive intentions are transmuted into conscious, regenerative vibrational energy and is essential to helping your body heal itself.

Our Spagyric concentrated elixirs and remedies are imprinted and empowered with Lemurian seed crystals and other transformative minerals, gemstones and healing vibrations in the process of their creation.

Spagyrics are a synergistic transfer and pure carrier of the active 'live' components unlimited healing potential, with the very highest concentration of properties and energy. It undergoes a type of death and rebirth in which the whole being of the substance is worked with in its original proportions, and the Spagyric process concentrates and elevates the proportions, resulting in a product with a life-force energy and sentient Intelligence ~It is a conscious force.

An eclectic approach is needed in medicine; A Holistic not dogmatic strictly specialized medicine of the 'old world' which is the dilemma of Western Medicine  today, we have reached a New plateau in Healing where consciousness navigates the workings beyond limitations

"Know that there are two kinds of stars-the heavenly and the earthly, the stars of folly and the stars of wisdom. And just as there are two worlds, a Little World [the Microcosm, man] and a Great World [the Macrocosm, the Universe] and just as the little one rules over the great one, so the stars of the microcosm rule over and govern the Stars of heaven."


An Era of Discovering the Spirit!

"Alchemy is a rainbow bridging the chasm between the earthly and heavenly planes, between matter and spirit--Alchemy, the royal sacerdotal art, conceals, in esoteric texts and enigmatic emblems, the means of penetrating the very secrets of Nature, Life, and Death, of Unity, Eternity and Infinity.

Viewed in the context of these secrets, that of gold making is, relatively speaking, of little consequence: something comparable to the super-powers (siddhis) sometimes obtained by Great Yogis, which are sought not after for their own sake, but are important by-products of high spiritual attainment." 

- Alchemy by S.K. de Rola

~Awaken your Inner Shaman~

“Alchemy and Astrology are sciences which are at the present time very little understood, because they deal with spiritual things, which cannot be known to persons who are not in the possession of spirituality. 

Chemistry deals with physical matter; alchemy deals with their astral principles. Astronomy deals with the physical aspect of the bodies of planets and stars; astrology deals with the omnipresent psychic influences which their souls exert upon each other, and upon the Microcosm of man.

Chemistry is a science that may be learned by any one who has ordinary intellectual capacities, and a certain amount of skill required for its practical application.

Astronomy may be studied by any one who is able to comprehend mathematics and possesses logic and physical sight. Alchemy is an art which cannot be understood without spiritual or soul knowledge.

Astrology is incomprehensible to those who cannot realise the true character of the stars. The books treating of alchemy and astrology will easily be understood by persons who know the things of which they treat, but to those who are not in possession of such knowledge they will be incomprehensible.“ 

Franz Hartmann on his study of the life of Paracelsus

What do Our Customers Say about Our Products?

"Frankly, I’m amazed I feel so good! There’s such a full support system in these little tabs that it makes me feel like I was deprived of the nutrients all of this time. It really makes me question even how I’m eating and my supplements. And the tabs are so gentle – they are totally compatible with my biological and nervous system. I can barely wait for the other ones. I take it twice a day for one month and than 1 tab a day? (left my instructs at home) I do have a sleeping problem and am interested in something that will help me to sleep. I have actual energy and feel more positive. It’s like I suddenly woke up!IB alaska

"The Jing-chi pkg just arrived-very timely- I took the drops and within minutes the horrible pain on the insides of my knees subsided. 
I can't believe itL L Montana

"I have purchased many products such as creams and exfoliating pads and nothing has come close the the results I am seeing after one application of this elixir. This is a phenomenal product! (shankara skin/J19)" AP NC

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