Tuesday, May 6, 2014

     Welcome to Our Exotic Plant Emporium 

                Transference of powerful energies directly from the wisdom of nature!

We are updating our shop 

We at Lunar Alchemy believe that positive intentions are transmuted into conscious, regenerative vibrational energy and is essential to helping your body heal itself.

Our Alchemical elixirs and remedies are imprinted and empowered with Lemurian seed crystals and other transformative minerals, gemstones and healing vibrations in the process of their creation.

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Anti Age & Age Reversal ~ Shop here

Complete Immune System Recovery ~  Shop here

Hormone & Endocrine Recovery ~ Shop here

Detox & 7 Systems Recovery ~ Shop here

Jory Phyto-Nucleus Tinctures ~  Shop here

Phyto-Nucleus Pet Care ~  Shop here

Latest Products ~  Shop here

Elixirs for Expanding Consciousness ~ Shop here

Aphrodisiacs Plant Alchemy for Lovers ~ Shop here

'Rhythm of the Chakras' elixirs ~ Shop here

'Entheo Delights' ~  Shop here

'Alchemist Enlightenment collection' ~ Shop here

All our elixirs come in 30ml/1oz cobalt blue glass bottles