Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aurum Aura Oil

Aurum Aura Oil ~ 'Deep Shifting companion'

Cleansing the Aura, raising kundalini, astral travel and Chakra activation

Aurum Aura Oil is a unique oil to assist dramatic changes and rapid shifting, it is designed to clean and refresh the Auric field, a flow of subtle energy being generated from the oil as it is massaged into the skin and into the energy points will revitalize the colours and brightness of the Aura, producing a fresh natural glow on the skin and begin a process of raising your vibratory rate and increasing your ability to 'hold light' and absorb light into energy points and cells working quickly to bring on a feeling of ‘timelessness’ and of 'crossing realms' to the astral.

Aurum Aura Oil gives you the ever expanding feeling of timelessness as you drift to altered states a sense of existing in both realms this 'sensation' will continue waves through your body as you meditate and focus on it to access the otherworldly potential and begin to push the 'threshold' gently massage on the chakra areas and allow the oil to penetrate into your tissues and cells, it will work gently to change the structure of the DNA and repair any damages to begin the activation of all energy centers and also allow your DNA evolve to a 12 stranded DNA.

Aurum Aura Oil brings back a 'state of equilibrium' to the expanded conscious awareness 'self' and brings to focus higher concepts of existence that will allow one to cope with symptoms of dramatic (even traumatic) shifting and the feeling of 'losing ground' and feeling 'spaced out'.

We are becoming whole during the energy shifts, this is a powerful 'companion' for change. At times of the grand changes this 'energy' will be appreciated the most, as it seeks to connect us deeply to our highest potential as the 'whole' human we are created to be.

Aurum Aura Oil when applied alongside the elixirs we offer, will greatly enhance & quicken the effects, the skin and bloodstream is one of the fasted most direct way to penetrate the meridians and energy centers, and the skin is the largest organ that absorbs into the tissues and cells.

All Ingredients are used in safe micro doses and only the active ingredient is used on a vibrational level the Oil is Pure organic Grape seed oil that is vibrant green full of Life force energy.

Aurum Aura Oil ~ 'Deep Shifting companion 30ml Oil $30US

Aurum Gold: The philosopher's Stone

Ancient alchemists of many cultures sought to create in their laboratories a substance that conferred amazing properties;

Higher Consciousness, greater spiritual awareness, long life with excellent health. This substance has been known throught the ages by only very few through the ages and has been spoken of in an otherworldly manner or in symbolic form. such as, 'The Philosopher's stone, Manna, White Powder of Gold, The Bread of Life, The semen of the gods, the elixir of Life, etc.' The Egyptian 'Book of the dead' refers to this elusive substance as " ORMUS"

ORMUS or 'Monatomic Gold' is a truly otherworldly substance. Highly-valued by ancient cultures for it's "mystical properties" and "magickal powers" Encourages spiritual growth and enlightenment and 'neutralizes' the feelings of gravity, space and time. Monatomic Gold is showing evidence to be the Ambrosia & Golden Spiral connecting us to our creator at a time where the earth is moving into a higher paradigm of existence

Use Aurum Aura Oil daily for reconnecting and alligning to our Higher self and Free spirited self, allowing safe passage to spiritual awakening on a cellular level.