Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fountain of youth elixir

with the most powerful combination of plants and monatomic Gold

What are the benefits of taking Fountain of Youth elixir?

• Turn back your body's biological time clock
• Removes wrinkles
• Restores hair growth
• Boost the immune system
• Strengthen the body
• Helps you return to youthful spirit
• Replenishes vital energy
• Improves sleep, vision and memory
• Revitalizes your skin
• Nourishes blood
Raises Confidence levels and personal vibrations

Fountain of Youth elixir was formulated based on a unique formula used individually throughout China and India for centuries; It contains 12 of the most expensive and precious adaptogenic herbs that can be found only at high-priced, high-quality herbal products.

Fountain of Youth elixir is a liquid concentration that helps to boost immunity, increase endurance, vitality, energy and anti-aging. According to Chinese energy Medicine, this Powerful combination will stimulate vital life force energy (chi) to strengthen your physical body and the immune system, replenishes and refreshes vital essence (Jing) and blood, nourishes meridians and yin channels(of yin & yang), and strengthens and activates the middle-jiao (which regulates zeal and energy) and also reduce chronic fatigue and lethargy.

It is ideal for people who feel sluggish, and desire more vitality and passion in their life. After taking this elixir daily for one month, you will have more strength against the fatigue and common cold. After taking it regularly, you will begin to look and feel noticeably younger and more energetic. The faster the body is saturated with the nutrients the faster results will be seen, the nutrients support the system's creation of new stem cells and bio-chemicals.

Herbal adaptogens have long range effects, they should be taken daily for long periods of time for some of their more valued transformational properties to occur. The benefits of herbs like these are apparent after months and become more obvious and amazing with years of use. On the other hand,the effects in term to energy levels, mood balancing euphoria, against depression and anxiety, sexual intensity, can be felt immediately!

More on Adaptogens:

Adaptogenics focus on the body as a whole to create internal balance, increasing or decreasing functions as necessary, replacing biochemicals and nutrients that are missing in the brain. There are three basic aspects of the human condition being balanced known as Chinese medicine's three treasures.

This candle metaphor describes these three treasures. The wax body of the candle is Jing, which is the body's physiological energy foundation or reservoir. The flame is Qi or Chi, the body's daily functioning energy. Shen is the light from the candle's flame depicting one's spiritual and emotional tone.

Adaptogens are anti-aging herbs that are beneficial to the whole body. They never have one specific action, but will actually balance various bodily functions. To put it simply is that adaptogenic herbs help a person adapt to the stresses of day to day life.

Herbal adaptogens make up the most powerful elements of the traditional systems that they originate from. Because of their reputation in these folk herbal systems, they have been the most widely studied of all the medicinal herbs, which has resulted in the most mainstream acceptance of their claimed effects. "Why do people still use the other lower quality herbs?", you might be asking. As it turns out, adaptogenic herbs are excellent for strengthening the body overall, but since they're not specific to any one task. Other herbs need to be used to address specific symptoms in cases like eliminating parasites, quickly purging toxicity, dealing with acute severe infections and other more advanced states of disease.

What needs to be understood is that the large pharmacopoeia of herbs that is contained in these various traditional systems is great for the herbalist who deals with every form of disease, disability and complaint that people come to them with, but it is much too confusing for the layman (people without herbal training but still have a strong desire for creating positive changes in life expectancy for themselves). That being said, adaptogenic herbs should be used with bit of study into their properties first. I hope this site can perhaps be a place for you to begin this study, or as a source of herb information for you if you're already on the path of understanding the world of medicinal herbs.

The benefits of herbs known to be adaptogens is that they can restore the body to homeostasis better than any medicine because they target and strengthen the whole body.
To achieve states of longevity in humans, it is necessary to preserve and strengthen the aspects of youth that tend to diminish with age. A few of these qualities of youth that tend to diminish with time, but certainly don't have to are: sexual virility, athletic ability/stamina and physical beauty. Adaptogenic herbs are known, and in most cases proven, to affect one or more of these areas.

In many cases athletes around the world use herbal adaptogens as safe and legal performance enhancers, much in the same was as they would use food and supplements. For example, it was strongly suspected that cordyceps was the "secret weapon" used by the Chinese Olympic team in recent years that has given them such an edge in high level competition. Most adaptogens are also herbal aphrodisiacs. They affect sexual libido either through increasing blood flow to the genital region (while also preventing the diseases found there) or by balancing the hormones of the endocrine system. When hormones are in balance there is also a tendency for the physical appearance to remain vibrant and youthful simply because the body still wishes to be attractive to fulfill its high libido!

In addition to the magnificent combination of plants we have added monatomic Gold~ monatomic gold has the property of magnifying the nutrition, thoughts and emotions within the person taking it, therefore it is very important what one eats thinks and feels whilst taking this mineral, we never advise taking monatomic gold on its own as it amplifies unhealthy eating habits or lifestyles, by combining it with the optimum nutrition formula, it will powerfully enhance the plants that plants that it's taken with

Fountain of Youth elixir
30ml Bottle Spagyric concentrate