Sunday, July 10, 2011

J-19 Shankara skin Psoriasis Eczema Anti ageing

For all skin conditions and anti ageing improves firmness and quality of skin

Psoriasis –eczema, skin rashes and related problems. Anti-ageing, supports collagen production,
Anti-allergy, against stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and blemishes. All skin disorders and conditions. Use as skin toner and dietary supplement. fast results within hours can be seen wrinkles disappear.


Mulberry root ext - Q
mulberry leaf ext - Q
Berberies aquifolium - Q
Hydrocotil- Q
Carica Papaya extract - Q
Flos Genkwa)extract - Q
Mucuna Pruriens extract - Q
Apis- Q
Urtica urns ext - Q
calendula ext - Q
arnica ext - Q
cortex mimosa tenuiflora ext - Q
zinc ext - Q
Pueraria mirifica - Q
schissandra berry - Q

J 19 Shankara skin 30ml $30US