Sunday, July 10, 2011

J11 DNA & Cellular regeneration

Anti ageing Osteo-articular muscular nervous cellular & DNA repair

In the treatment of Osteoarticular, Nerve and muscular systems, and retarding RNA/DNA process
(anti-aging), Osteoporosis
To relieve rheumatic condition, to remove obstruction from the channels and relieve pain.
Rheumatic arthritis with pain in the lower back and knees; headache due to attack of cold on the shaoyin Channel chanracterized by association of headache with precordinal pain and cold legs.

It is also cardiotonic and lowers blood pressure and blood sugar; improves circulation in flesh and skin.


Dioscorea villosa extract- Q/Wild Yam
Cortex Eucommiae Extract – Q/Eucommia Bark
Ramulus Loranthis Extract – Q/Loranthus Mulberry Mistletoe
Mucuna Pruriens - Q
Radix Clematidis Extract - Q
Siberian Ginseng Extract- Q
Eucommia bark – Q

30ml $30US