Saturday, July 9, 2011

Neuro nectar for Clarity of Mind

For prevention and improvement of Brain fog and Neurological disorders

Properties of Neuro Nectar

Driving away fatigue, promoting the recovery of brain functions, enhancing memory, inhibiting the ageing of brain cells, improving the activity of brain cells, strengthening the metabolism of brain cells tissue, stimulating blood circulation, improving the functions of all the organs of a human body and regulating the brain central nervous system.

Neuro Nectar balances both hemispheres of the brain, forcing them to work in harmony. This is known as "whole brain synchronization" and when achieved, your brain experiences extremely beneficial changes in hemispheric blood flow and chemistry.

Balanced brain hemispheres are a requirement if you wish to experience an accurate perception of reality.

The human brain is divided into two halves, separated and connected by the corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is a thick band of nerve fibers that allow communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere is responsible for interpreting perception in a linear and logical fashion.  The right hemisphere is responsible for the 'big picture" and creativity.
we must be able to see the parts, and how they are connected and work together, if we want to function effectively in the world.

A healthy brain is also a requirement for having deep spiritual experiences. Balanced brain hemispheres are both a requirement, and an effect, of a healthy mind body and spirit. Use your mind and body to balance your brain, connect to spirit, and enjoy your life!

Neuro Nectar has been proved to promote the metabolism of the brain cell tissue and the brain cells capacity of absorbing the nutrients needed by them from blood. It can strengthen the activity of brain cells, inhibit their premature ageing and promote the return of the cerebral functions to normal. This medicine is safe and reliable and free from any side effects with its outstanding effects confirmed by modern medical specialists. It is both a brain-treating nutrient suited for men and women. For assisting to improve the memory, reduce stress, calming the brain, and for assisting in learning improvement

people today are looking for ways that they can improve their memory and improve their concentration as well. There are many jobs that take high concentration and the ability to quickly memorize and remember perfectly. Assists sleeping disorders, anxiety depression, Bi-polarism, alzheimer's, and other neurological dis-eases, assists more oxygen and blood flow from cardio-neuro channels and replaces bio-chemicals in the brain that induce states of euphoria.


Gingko Biloba
Valerian roots
Passiflora Incarneta
Kratom (mitragyna speciosa)
Radix Glycyrrhizae,

Indian Shilajit
Just when you think you have seen it all mineral wise, another great gift from the earth comes along


Source: Shilajit is obtained from rocks in the Himalayan region. It is a form of mineral that drips from the cracks of the rocks during hot weather. it is decomposition of the plant matter in the rocks centuries before. The biotransformed plant matter is extruded from the rocks by geothermal pressures. it is collected in raw form for further purification. Walking high in the Himalayan mountains, a thick rich paste oozing out from the rocks in the towering cliffs is Shilajit. It increases the core energy responsible for sexual and spiritual power, the same force that is withered by stress and anxiety. The use of Shilajit for renewing vitality. As per Ayurveda Shilajit is hot bitter.

Purpose: Our health is more dependent on minerals than on protein, carbohydrates or vitamins. Minerals are on every cell of body and are vital for our overall mental and physical well being. The body cannot manufacture any minerals. They must be obtained via diet. Due to depletion of minerals in the soil and in order to get enough minerals from the typical diet, we would have to eat more than we could possibly want to. The majority of the population is deficient in the 84 minerals required by the body and mind. The inevitable result is reduced health and longevity.

The ancient medical literature attributes many health benefits to Shilajit known as the destroyer of weakness. Shilajit has been used historically for general physical strengthening, anti-aging, blood sugar stabilization, libido, injury healing, urinary tract rejuvenation, enhanced brain functioning potency, bone healing, kidney rejuvenation, immune system Strengthening, arthritis, hypertension, obesity and many other application for numerous conditions.

Chemistry: The porous fulvic acid and humic acids in Shilajit carry herbal compounds deeply into the tissues of the body. These porous carrying cavities also hook toxins and escort them out of the body.

Application and Uses: Analysis of Shilajit reveals that it is high in naturally occurring minerals and elements. A nature's original organic Colloidal multi-mineral supplement with self assimilation qualities as compared to inorganic colloidal sources. Shilajit is much more than colloidal minerals. It has unique proper ties not found in any other natural preparation. There is a folk saying in people who live in the Himalayan region that it makes the body strong as a rock and there some rock-like qualities in Shilajit. There is hardly a disease that cannot be cured by Shilajit.

Shilajit is a powerful tonic that increases energy, strength and sexual energy. It is widely used for diabetes, genito-urinary diseases, gallstone, jaundice, enlarged spleen, dyspepsia, worms, digestive troubles, hysteria, insanity, nerve diseases, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, tuberculosis, leprosy, eczema, elephantiasis, anorexia, bronchitis, asthma and fracture of bones.

Shilajit amplifies the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bio-availability. It helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue and removes deep-seated toxins. Shilajit improves memory and the ability to handle stress. Shilajit reduces recovery time in muscle, bone and nerve injuries. Shilajit stimulates the immune system and reduces chronic fatigue. It is adaptogen, (Rasayna), helps combat immune disorders, urinary tract disorders, nervous disorders and sexual dissatisfaction. It promotes strong bones and heals damages muscle tissues, osteoarthritis and porous.

Traditional Uses: Traditionally Shilajit was designed for countering Diabetes, regulating the blood sugar level, improving pancreas function, purifying the blood, improving spleen function, strengthening digestion, improving metabolism, reducing fat, dissolving tumors, reducing tiredness, counteracting thirst, as a powerful rejuvenator, as a sexual enhancer.

Contraindications, Toxicity and Cautions: Do not use with high uric acid count or with febrile diseases.

According to Ayurveda, herbs are taken in combination with other herbs to neutralize the toxicity of one herb with the opposing effect of the other or to enhance the particular effect of one herb with the help of other. When given blended with other herbs, Shilajit enhances and strengthens the effect of other herbs and processes in the body.

Our Neuro Nectar has other potent extracts combined for support of the neurological system and the Brain, excellent remedy for depression or dis-eases related to depression such as Bi-polarism etc, this is a powerful elixir to boost the power of the brain.

Neuro Nectar $33US 30ml bottle spagyric concentrate