Sunday, July 10, 2011

Understanding Alchemy & Spagyrism

Alchemy and Transformation in a bottle

"Alchemy is a rainbow bridging the chasm between the earthly and heavenly planes, between matter and spirit...alchemy, the royal sacerdotal art, also called the hermetic philosophy, conceals, in esoteric texts and enigmatic emblems, the means of penetrating the very secrets of Nature, Life, and Death, of Unity, Eternity and Infinity.

Viewed in the context of these secrets, that of gold making is, relatively speaking, of little consequence: something comparable to the super-powers (siddhis) sometimes obtained by Great Yogis, which are sought not after for their own sake, but are important by-products of high spiritual attainment." - Alchemy by S.K. de Rola.

The Sacredness of the operation that we perform is intended for regeneration: physically, psychologically, and spiritually, through the assistance of the elixir as a manifestation of your spiritual power to intensify the desired effects and properties of the phyto-nutrients and attributes of the plant spirits.

The process consists of 12 stages which is the completion of a cycle:

The stages are said to represent the stages Nature takes during the primary stages of creation and linked to the Primordial energy sources that exist in the creation process. This is also represented in the Cosmic arenas and their twelve signs of the zodiac, (macrocosm) and reflected in the human organism (microcosm) by the seven major, and five minor (for a total of twelve), psycho-spiritual centers called chakras in Sanskrit. These centers are also linked to the endocrine and nervous systems in human beings.

Therefore, both the study of astrological archetypes and the astrological timings of experiments , and esoteric meditations, for the rising of spiritual energy known as the kundalini, are part of the alchemists path and following. The alchemist is in essence, a mystic, astrologer, and magician.

Spagyric elixirs: An overview

Transformation in a bottle

Our Phyto-nucleus elixirs are Spagyric in nature, and for use as part of a holistic healing path in the primordial science of life. They are all natural vegetarian, kosher, organic products. They emphasizes a human synergy with the superior biochemistry of the plant kingdom; synergy of the Cosmos, substance, and human being in subatomic structure.

A spagyric is an extract containing both the plant matter of an herbal remedy, such as a tincture (if a plant/herb is the operable substance), and the vibratory power of a homeopathic essence; even oils of minerals and ambers are not just “gem elixirs” but true extracts. For example, spagyric extracts carry all of the plant/herbs physical and biochemical properties/constituents (minerals, alkaloids, etc.), though in much greater amounts than an alcohol extraction such as a tincture can achieve, and additionally the energetic properties, the vibration.

Unlike conventional herbalism and homeopathy, in the spagyric process the operable substance is separated into its constituent parts, those parts are purified, then recombined, thus the two words making up the word spagyric mean to “separate” and “recombine”; solve et coagula. Purified holistically, in the spagyric extraction process the operable substance undergoes alcohol and hungry water extraction, The alchemical method maintains coherent energetic integrity, produces a magnified therapeutic effect, and a product with its own uniquely individual color, scent, and taste.

The spagyric process produces a balanced medicine, whereas herbal tinctures and homeopathies are not. An herbal tincture is a physical extract, and in the homeopathic process dilutions of the operable substance into the menstruum are succussed (shaken/jarred), and this action is performed again and again, negating the original substances raw materials, the physical aspects, leaving only the energetic aspects charged in the menstruum, a frozen vibratory charge. Not living as a spagyric is, herbal tinctures or homeopathic remedies are without growth and Intelligence (the ability to act – thus being conscious or sentient).

A spagyric however, is a synthesis or synergistic transfer, a pure carrier of the operable substances total healing potential, with the very highest concentration of properties and energy. It undergoes a type of death and rebirth in which the whole being of the substance is worked with in its original proportions, and the spagyric process concentrates and elevates the portions, resulting in a product with a life-force energy and sentient Intelligence (it is conscious). In other words, destroyed-purified-revivified, as impurities are removed and purities focused, the substance experiences a birth-growth-death-reincarnation process.

This work is timed planetarily, and the laboratory is charged with the appropriate celestial archetype or planetary rulership. The celestial archetype or planetary rulership exerting an influence is determined by the rulership of the substance being worked on.

These celestial archetypes can be considered a chain of influence (chain of planets), and all living things are a vessel charged with planetary energy(s) they receive, as well as transmit from life-form to life-form. All is a reflection of a higher archetypal order.

The celestial archetype or planetary rulership is important, as it influences organic things, and this influence is called sympathetic, Knowledge of sympathy and antipathy allows one to balance one’s being; sympathetically or antipathetically.

Blockages of energy are often due to a deficit or excess of energy, causing an imbalance, even of the mind, a life-form has sentient Intelligence, and energy is the stuff of Consciousness. Spagyric medicine, and alchemical methodology, recognizes that the attunement of one’s energy-field, mind, heart, and physical body, is integral, and that all must be synergistically phase-synced, aligned, for optimal health.

The two active principles in a human being are energy and matter, energy sustains matter, just as air supplies the body with life. One’s energetic state of being directly correlates with the quality of form, and though all beings are qualitatively the same primordial substance, quantitatively they differ. Evolve to embody the highest incarnate state a human being can achieve. But, living energy is not fixed, all effects have multiple influences, in a complex interrelationship with one-another, reflecting that of all living things, plants, minerals, metals, animals, and human beings. spagyrism offers an opportunity not only for health, specifically targeting the issue, or general support, but an opportunity to interact with living Intelligence(s) constitutionally.

The three constituents of a balanced being are Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur. Salt is the physical body, the container of form binding the other principles together, in plants/herbs it resides in the mineral components, cellular structure, and hard tissues, alcohol and fermentation products, essential oils, and resins. Mercury is the emotional body, and the life-force energy which animates and mediates life (spirit). All sensuality relies on vital life-force energy inherent in all existence, thus the instinct for Self-preservation, not of the identity per se (ego), but the real Intelligence, intrinsic and instinctual.

Mercury, the Prima Materia (Primary or Primordial Substance), is the Al-Iksir of life (“Water of Life”; Arabic “exixer”, English “elixir”). One must focus on the strength of one’s life-force energy, it determines health. Mercurial life-force energy or Veriditas mediates between life-force energy and matter; this soma/haoma/manna is a Law, the function of life…the sap of a living plant, the Fire of Tantra~ The highest level of Al-Iksirs are called Magisteries. Sulfur, the mental body or soul, is the highest state to work from/on, effecting all denser states, this work is considered truly magickal (magik-al).

Spagyrics balance imbalances of/in these three constituents. Balance means health. Each constituent, Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur, has one of seven possible celestial archetypes or planetary ruler-ships, determined by day and time of birth (constitution) showing the planetary energies one has the greatest need for, and which are most likely to become imbalanced, causing the degeneration (from which disease stems).

The ORP or ‘oxidation reduction potential’ of a spagyric tincture matches the delicate subatomic size and structure of the bodily fluids and the tincture can absorb and be taken up directly into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes in the mouth. Regular herbal preparations exhibit an ORP of normal food or tap water and need to go through the process of digestion in order to be taken up. In this process of digestion, they are largely broken down into simple molecules that do no longer act as carriers of the specific energies of the herb, no matter how standardized and guaranteed the label said the tincture was. ~ materia medica

Recommended use:

Spagyrics are taken in sublingually; under the tongue. To convey the spagyric to one’s self the most effective is sublingually, for optimal dispersion, which is greatly reduced by contact with conductive materials, or if added to any other substances such as water or tea. Each moment you take in a spagyric, meditate on what you are taking, for what purpose, and your intention, generating a magickal affirmation, and directing the Intelligence, as part of your relationship with the elixir, and like all living things, these spagyrics have birth times, an interaction with the laboratory, a cosmic connection, and they change/grow over time, they are alive.

The advised dosage is suggested, but shouldn’t be considered rigidly. Like a fine wine, store away from strongly-scented items, and keep them out of extreme heat or sunlight. While ones work may be facilitated, and medicines formulated, the responsibility is on the other party or principal, thus requiring a proactive approach for the highest balanced health, and wellness for the ill, imbalanced, and symptomatic.

Our Phyto-nucleus Spagyric essences contain:

  • Organic compounds of low molecular substances (organic chemistry)
  • Mineral salts and oligo elements (inorganic chemistry), components of the organism representing between 4-5% of the human body weight. Mineral salts are essential to its proper operation, ensuring normal growth and maintenance of bones and teeth, blood clotting and muscular contraction. Trace elements can only be found in very small quantities in the organism; they take part in numerous metabolic reactions, acting as catalysts. Zinc plays a vital role in the activities of more than 100 enzymes; it is essential to the development of reproductive organs, the working of the prostate and the healing of wounds and burns. Most plants used to produce Spagyric essences are very rich in minerals that are very well absorbed by the body . From 10 kg of dry plants, 1 kg of extracted pure phyto nutrients in biochemicals salts and minerals.
It is the essence of the life force energy present in the organism which revives our cells and prevents further deterioration of each cell continuously reviving them ie. Prevention of the ageing process.

  • The energy or information of the plant (physics).
  • Gemmotherapy and Oligotherapy methods and principles.