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Sufi Scrolls Talismanic empowerment vessel

Sufi empowerment scrolls are for charging water and empowering oneself energetically, aligning with very advanced numbers and gematria which connect to the highest level of angels and the heavens. *Gematria

Sufi Scrolls Talismanic Empowerment vessel
There are certain stones, minerals, formations as well as water that are 'a gift from Heaven' truth be told, they do however require the dynamics and combination thereof to harness certain powers, just like Alchemy is a tranformation of properties in matter, when combined with a dedication of practice and understanding in awareness, these Gifts become empowering vessels of transformation!

When the elements are worked with a certain way it creates a a new consciousness that did not exist before on earth, this new force is directly from the creative celestial houses where they exist already, anchoring them here allows for something new to be created and born from a deeper level of undertstanding and awareness.

These energies are carried and preserved in the special codes within the Sufi scrolls Talismanic empowerment vessel and connect to the aether autonomously, it begins to weave a different template around the life of one who uses it, charging the water you drink with the sufi scrolls will benefit all levels of your physical and spiritual bodies by spinning your blood the correct direction which is very important for staying healthy and youthful, this is the main reason our body can not sustain its youth and begins to breakdown over the years, allowing all negativity on all levels to enter it.

It works to correct every imbalance in the body, from emotional and mental, to the physical addressing even debilitating conditions by allowing a reversal of negative cycles to take place, start walking the journey back to health and then toward a more productive and creative lifestyle that will bring all the energies of growth into your life, whether a partner, a high level soul relationship or twin flame reunion, as well soul family members coming together to form communities that are in harmony with the reality in heavenly realms where and align with the energies here on earth -

Using the Sufi scrolls talismanic empowerment vessel is very balancing and grounding. It helps in aiding direction to one's life and helping them to follow their inner guidance system. It is also a motivator and helps to propel one into action especially on new projects. On the body, it helps to sooth and even one's skin tone especially on the face. This is synonomous to what is is doing on all levels, a Smoothing out of wrinkles and imperfections and defects past life issues, karmic burdens etc.

It helps to remove congestion and levels scar tissue on the skin when empowered water is used daily to wash the effected areas. Helps to eliminate redness from skin problems rosacea or burns. Whilst in the spiritual releasing old karmic debts and emotional blockages causing stagnation on all levels. When used in meditation it leaves one with the feeling of expansiveness and helps in astral travel.

Th Sufi scrolls talismanic empowerment vessel begins a series of 'preparations' for a deeper rooted mission or journey within the possessor. It may be first felt as if you had just completed a mission or journey, and first closing a chapter before embarking or venturing into a new one, a feeling best described as what would be grounding and replenishing for the soul.

A new or even greater feeling of gratitude for being given all that we have available our Earth, our people, animals, and all living, and non-living things in our existence, best compared to a deep sense of awakening and being aware and in all senses, but a point of the heart that takes you beyond the 5 senses and into a different view outside the Box.

Effective for calming ones spirit and body whilst living in an already over stimulated world, in addition to helping with confirmation of one's beginning spiritual awareness, supports change and is connected with the solar plexus and heart to balance the true self with the false ego in the midst of our great shift during which we are moving from a solar plexus or power centered external 'paradigm' to a more heart centered 'innerworld' this will allow you to exoerience your own esoteric station of knowing and expanding outward and upward, and last but not least an amplification and clarity as well as deprogramming the negative false beliefs and a recentering of truth by aligning with the deeper laws of nature.

The Sufi scrolls talismanic empowerment vessel will help out of body experiences and astral travel, as well as deeper insightful dreams. It feels like an open invitation from the Creator and cosmic consciousness to become one with all that is real and divine in essence. It has a celestial quality becoming the Universal Life force to awaken within all of us. Bringing to light deeper levels of purpose in ones striving and spiritual development. A vessel of meditation, contemplation and dedication it requires one to embrace, trust and to submit willingly to the call of change from within, to access Universal truths and Mysteries.

A vessel of insight and wisdom, 'The seeker' would be the archetype of these codes, unfolding the codes of wisdom within the magick of life and outlining a path deeply rooted to the soul and its incarnation. It is for removing the blocks of humanity, from very early times of ancient lessons of biblical proportions, Noah's Arc, what were the universal lessons that repeat themselves to the modern age. The lessons we should recognize thus Freeing us for moving ahead as the evolution of humanity was intended by our Grand Creator and Architect of the earth and heavens, thus removing the mental constraints we allow ourselves to operate in.

These scrolls have codes that connect us from the ancient truths retold, into the time we are presently living in it represents an unraveling future into the fifth divine era, it is closely associated with the number 13 and the Merkabah and light body.
A powerful manifestation vessel, connecting us to the earth and allowing us to make shifts that are necessary at this time. And be guided by earth spirits, and angelic spirits alike.

If you get nervous anxious or afraid, drink from its charged and empowered waters and all fear stress and anxiety will just vanish and disolve, the more you drink its waters, the more you will clearly see the blocks were only there because it was necessary at the time, they are no longer there in the way of your going ahead- our reality is what we create, we do this by inviting energies into our lives and keeping clear of other energies (negative) that will influence our balance and space, as it becomes clearer that there are different realities in this world just like dis-eases and depending on our environment and what goes into our bodies and minds, we influence our own reality, and we can change it at anytime, from this point of understanding, we can change everything we each infkuence, for a better outcome.

A cosmic activator connecting the earth with the moon and stars at your fingertips as life giving waters enter your 'vessel' - the 'self' This vibration of divine completion becomes more within your grasp, your destiny and your destination, a cycle of bringing knowledge to the holder from the cosmic alignment of light, frequency and sound. Bringing the vibration into the building blocks of life and your being, the dna in alignment with the music of the spheres and houses, and the voices of the cosmos.
an intense feeling of empathy and the balance of light and dark, above so below. Polar opposites compatible yin/yang.

The stone combination all have a strong alien influence and will facilitate communication with the ET's of that constellation.

A giver of the moon light. gifts of the moon. its a transmitter of energy that flows with the moon cycle. 13 cycles -helps communications with other realms, helps with telephony and telepathy. enhances with ascension process. New stones of 2012, a year of finding Balance, finding clarity and clear vision of wave energy that is not visible to us now. Advanced seekers of light will resonate with the special and rare stone. It is time for this stone to come out with the ascension process. it has more gifts to share but it is only willing to share that information with it new owner for they are very special.

This stone combination is neither negative nor neutral, truly positive and never Needs to be cleansed or charged. It has its own abundant energy, gives one the ability to meditate with ease. One can use to get the information one needs out of one's Astral travel experiences.

Shamans of Madagascar have used a rare Stone both to bring and to control rain~ Rhodizite it can help to treat Diseases of the cells, such as cancer, and tissue inflammation. It Brings stability to brain waves, and helps to even out levels of acid In the body.

Rare Gemstones: Rare Moldavite (from Besednice or Chlum Bohemia Czech.), Phenacite, Tanzanite, spinel, Tibetan Black quartz,  Rhodizite, azurite, herkimer diamonds, rare earth magnet, Tourmaline (black or green), black Sapphire. and the unique Talisman (rare faceted herderite available at extra cost- only few available in stock) This is a very high level combination of synergy stones that awaken the deepest parts of the heart and consciousness.

Unlocks all blockages and activate any and all chakras.

Custom made for each person including ABJD calculations number with mantra (Divine attribute personal to you) and formula

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enquire about cost of individual Talisman~ Only available in an authentic blessed silver vessel supplies limited. (real silver)