Thursday, October 27, 2011

Talismanic Magick Squares & Gematria

Magic squares have fascinated humanity throughout the ages, and have been around for over 4,120 years. They are found in a number of cultures, including Egypt and India, engraved on stone or metal and worn as talismans, the belief being that magic squares had astrological and divinatory qualities, their usage ensuring longevity and prevention of diseases.

Talismans are psychic batteries. They store psychic energy and can render it to the owner of the talisman, to whichever purpose he/she deems..

Men have been seeking help from the unseen ever since he has been given imagination, prophets and saints were highly evolved humans and were sent to the earth by God to guide a civilization everytime balance was in met, powerful methods such words numbers and God's attributes in names were given, only such highly evolved humans were able to hold the key of the combinations of words and numbers that were of divine power.

These ideas germinated in his primitive mind subconsciously yet from that moment on he left the realm of mundane and elevated himself to a higher sphere, with each jump in evolution a higher set of powerful keys in words and numbers that were more powerful then the last were shown to him.

Protection from forces beyond himself came upon him around the same time. Spells, songs and objects were sought out to protect and nurture.

Sigils engraved on amulets were among the objects created by the Shaman or the healer of the group. It was commonly accepted that these objects had to be either;

1. found in certain natural setting
2. Crafted and manufactured by a talisman maker
3. Conjured by a Guru out of thin air…

Since number three, while plausible, not very commonplace anymore, in this essay we shall be focusing on entirely on the number two.

Selection of the material for the amulet or talisman

Talismans can be made from almost anything. Since everything in the Universe vibrates and all matter has a certain vibratory rate it is not without merit to consider the material carefully. Some being more subtle then others such as deer skin and parchment paper being made from wood element.

Having said that it is lesser importance of the material of which we selected to make the object rather than the advanced spiritual state of the maker. The maker of the object will transfer his psychic energy into the object.

This also includes Magickal bowls and Talismen.

Amulets can be made of wood, clay, metals and skin. There are of course countless other materials like stones, precious and semi-precious that have natural vibrations and properties.
Upon the selection of the inscribing or the selection of the magickal design is the natural step to follow.

The most powerful of designs are magic squares. Sigils are derived from the magic square and its special number sequence. The Art of constructing Magickal squares is becoming a lost art.
The abjad letters become particularly powerful when written in singular form, The Mysterious letters of the Qur'an, and also magickal square (Wafq) in which sacred verses, names of God and Angels of high order, and so on appear and represent numerically in the abjad system within the square (Abjad system: the alphanumeric system based on the old order of the Semitic alphabet)
They can go from their simplest form 3 by 3 going as high as 20 by 20 of more, they can be very intricate and complex.

In the Islamic world and in Hindu India people often wore rings or amulets figured with magic squares and diagrams composed of letters, numbers and often symbols in most cases these are obviously talismen dirived from holy names and numerological values inherent in most high and secret names of God or familiar charm phrases, however in both civilizations we also find similar rectangular patterns of numbers used in the same way they were for thousands of years considered sacred and effective charms.

The Abjad number system is synergistic with the 12 astrological houses and when constructed according to ones own abjad numbers become very powerful projectors capable of bringing far more sophisticated forces then any other charm because its custom made for you and your specific purpose.

When you wear a Talisman made for your own purposes working with spirits and elementals increases even further the powers that you have access to, knowing your personal Abjad calculations in combination with the Talisman is possessing the key to ones own destiny and will give you the ability to access your highest, most actualized and successful potential self

All of our Talismen are complex and intricate, we have access of a secret knowledge from the most veiled (Sirr e sirr) levels of Sufi Islamic esoteric sources. You will not be able to find this information any where else. It has been tested on thousands of people who have transformed their life and changed their situations.

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