Friday, April 20, 2012

A Testimony: Moldavite Spiritual Transformation Oil & elixir

Experience a Powerful Moldavite attunement!

The following is a written account I received recently from a customer of the experiences they had after using both the Moldavite Oil and elixir for the first time

"After using the moldavite oil and elixir for the first time there is no doubt that it connects to the moldavite pieces I have. I began to meditate with only the intentions of connecting with the moldavite I have and blocking all other thoughts. I began to see flashes of white light in various forms like that of a strobe light, soon I was seeing green ones intertwined with the white ones.

I began to feel my spirit lift up and back down into my physical several times. I was in a field of wild flowers so familiar I knew I had been there before. At the distance I saw a forest line so I decided to make a bee line to it. As I walked it seemed as if I only took a step or two but never touched the ground when I was at the entrance.
I called xxxxx (my guide) in my mind but didn't see or feel her . Inside were trees, and plant forms , a lot of ferns and moss. Green , green , green everywhere!

I saw one old huge tree which I thought to be an live oak with spanish moss hanging from it's limbs. On the ground there were rocks and stones around it . It was wet in there like everything was drenched with dew but it didn't feel wet really. The tree had low hanging limbs so I climbed up and sat in it to get a better view. I could hear water nearby but didn't see it and I wanted to know if there was a water fall there. As I sat in the tree I saw a knot hole and stuck my hand inside. I found a small glass bottle , inside was a tiny piece of paper folded in a triangle. I opened it up and it looked to have shapes on it.

It raised up off of the paper and began moving. I smiled while seeing this and wanted to keep it but then I heard some say to me to put it back when it finished moving. I looked up and at a distance stood the woman that accompanies me on astral trips sometimes with long dark hair. I never see her face clearly in astral trips for the wind blows her hair but this time I saw enough to know. I put the paper and bottle back in the knot hole and found myself back in the field of wild flowers.
It's such a beautiful field of flowers.You would never know that such a forest was nearby, the forest was like another realm unto itself. ...She showed me an image of two little girls playing in a field together as children, my soul sisters -

another experience on Saturday I was getting ready to leave for a gem show with my mom and my son when as I was walking out the door I hear xxxxx (my guide) say ' Moldavite oil." I told them to go on to the car and ran upstairs to my room and applied the oil to my chakras and said " may I find what is meant for me" , didnt think another thought about it after arriving there and browsing around.
Until I found two of the most amazing pieces of moldavite! I found one that has such a beautiful fern like texture, fine and delicate, I thought of the energy from this was so right. Each piece would have cost about $300 a piece but I got a deal from the lady that said I could have both for $180 I couldnt believe it! I know that xxxxx told me to apply that moldavite oil for that very reason and I know it is connected to All Moldavite. What you created is very unique and there may be other moldavite oil and elixirs but they are nothing like yours! This is just 2 of the experiences I have had....I love the moldavite oil and elixir .... "

"One thing I almost forgot that I want to say is that the scent you chose for the oil is perfect (and the elixir is also). They both had an incredible resonance with me. I knew as soon as I tried them it was right. Everything about them both I found to be 'just right'. I felt with taking it and smelling it "me" , It felt like when a song or tone resonates with you so strongly it connects with you and you connect to it so deeply it becomes you.."

published with permission~

"The last few days I have been feeling very dizzy inside, walking through the halls at work has been challenging as if my feet are not touching the ground. I have felt like I am in fully in reality and in this world, much like I felt when I was first introduced to moldavite specimens. I have been sleeping a lot lately and yesterday I had waves of nausea which I usually begin to feel after a few days of dizziness (internal dizziness)

After communicating with my guide last night I realized what was making me feel this way. I had not made the connection prior to speaking to her but now it makes sense. I have become accustomed to the energies of moldavite specimens so they dont effect me quite as strongly as they once did however I can still feel their energies just in a different more controlled manner.

Since I began taking the oil and elixir and keeping a stone on me at all times my frequency , vibrational levels skyrocketed. The oil and elixir opened me up to even higher levels of light. This is indeed very powerful and if one is not used to moldavite it will make adjustments in their system that is powerfully shocking.

One that has their energy field aligned to moldavite stones will experience even higher levels that are so expanded it feels much like being reintroduced to it again for the first time.So as you can see this oil and elixir will take people to even higher levels than moldavite stones alone are capable of doing by themselves!

The energies of these products are great for those that don't have moldavite and will absolutely bring about the raw cosmic energies the stones bring. For those with moldavite stones in their energy field, get ready to go even higher!

My guide suggested I not take the elixir or wear the oil prior to going to work for it is very strong and powerful and should only be used at first during meditation and leisure settings until fully aligned with it . It is alchemy at its very best! Oh how I love your moldavite oil and elixir!

ps It is not a product for those looking for a feel good fix, there is a process it takes you through and it will not wait for your physical body to catch up! It storms through you like a hurricane and removes all blockages in its path! I feel much better today but I now know to use these two products as they have instructed to be used. They make the rules, we don't..."

published with permission~

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