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Transference of powerful energies directly from the wisdom of nature!

Check out our New Moldavite Spiritual Transformation Oil and elixir directly from the highest vibrations of this gem quality mineral a fusion of cosmic and earthy matter 'The Stone of Transformation' ~ Experience its amorphous nature and the ability to transform Your SELF in 'divine speed'~ a quantum experience in self discovery!

Our exotic elixirs were created with references from ancient Shamanic formula as well as powerful plant extracts discovered and put to trial for 1000's of years by the Ming dynasty in Ancient China, the foundation of their discoveries is based on Vital Life force energy, Anti-aging, sexual vitality and Longevity. In addition to this we at Spagyrika believe that positive intentions are transmuted into conscious, regenerative vibrational energy and is essential to helping your body heal itself.

Our Spagyric concentrated elixirs and remedies are imprinted and empowered with Lemurian seed crystals and other transformative minerals, gemstones and healing vibrations in the process of their creation.

Furthermore Spagyrics are a synergistic transfer and pure carrier of the active 'live' components unlimited healing potential, with the very highest concentration of properties and energy. It undergoes a type of death and rebirth in which the whole being of the substance is worked with in its original proportions, and the spagyric process concentrates and elevates the portions, resulting in a product with a life-force energy and sentient Intelligence ~It is a conscious force.

An eclectic approach is needed in medicine not dogmatic strictly specialized medicine
which is the dilemma of Western Medicine It is the Era of discovering the Spirit

Consciousness and Life Expansion: Beyond the Threshold

Our elixirs are completely unique, we combine our methods using only the Highest quality Chinese energy Herbs and Entheo-Botanicals (shamanic plants) with an Alchemical process of preparation to create a Powerful Spagyric elixir, each one prepared following celestial timings and dates for specific operations in a clean empowered space, each elixir is spiritually empowered to work for the highest good. We ONLY use HIGHLY charged powerful water during the water phase of preparation, each elixir is designed to activate specific areas of healing or consciousness expansion.

The Inner workings of the Plant kingdom is the most superior level of healing that will fully supports the evolving electric light body of the human being which is connected to all forms of life consciousness, we have the ability to absorb energy from energy giving creations and keep up with the shifting from natures natural ability to transform and evolve limitlessly!

Our bodies are crying out for Phyto-nutrients that are missing links to further absorb the incoming energies and universal codes that are entering our systems. Our elixirs activate the 'Heart intelligent' Love elixir within every individual that raises the body's vibratory rate.

We will be introducing further to our NEW line of Conscious awakening elixirs that are designed to activate the Fountain of youth within the body's system, repair and recode RNA/DNA this will expedite the bodies ability resist the ageing process and frequently regenerate itself.

What do Our Customers Say about Our Products?

"Frankly, I’m amazed I feel so good! There’s such a full support system in these little tabs that it makes me feel like I was deprived of the nutrients all of this time. It really makes me question even how I’m eating and my supplements. And the tabs are so gentle – they are totally compatible with my biological and nervous system. I can barely wait for the other ones. I take it twice a day for one month and than 1 tab a day? (left my instructs at home) I do have a sleeping problem and am interested in something that will help me to sleep. I have actual energy and feel more positive. It’s like I suddenly woke up!IB alaska

"The Jing-chi pkg just arrived-very timely- I took the drops and within minutes the horrible pain on the insides of my knees subsided. I can't believe itL L Montana

"I have purchased many products such as creams and exfoliating pads and nothing has come close the the results I am seeing after one application of this elixir. This is a phenomenal product! (shankara skin/J19)" AP NC

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