Friday, April 12, 2013

Sarcostemma Somalatha Divine elixir from the Sacred vines

The Diviners Soma~

Plant name : Somalatha “The divine amrutham “Somarasam” is an extract of this herb”
Also known as 'Haoma' and 'soma'  The Diviners Soma
 Botanical name : Sarcostemma acidum

Actions : Bronchodialator, Vasodialator, Anti-asthmatic, Diaphoretic. Siddha Medicinal
Uses : This plant is used in treatment of respiratory ailments like mild bronchospasms, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, coryza or commoncold.

This plant is an ancient discovery of siddhars and they used it in extraction of somarasam which is considered to be an amrutham of life, and used in somayagam.

The exact use of this plant is unknown but ancestors reveal that this plant is a kayakarpam and even  used for awakening of Kundalini during meditation. During meditation when the awakening of kundalini occurs, the serpent power passes from one adharam or station successively.

During this journey the person may undergo many physiological and psychological changes. This herb is said to be used in controlling these changes and hence the sahasradharam is enlightened. This sacred herb is today almost extinct and so it should be well protected preciously and research work should be done to find out the hidden mystery behind this divine herb.

Used to interact with the spirit of the plant, receive guidance and reach higher levels of Conscious awareness and raising of kundalini.

Sarcostemma Somalatha Diviners elixir
30ml Concentrated spagyric $44US