Friday, April 12, 2013

Arginine 'The HGH enhancer'

30ml active concentrate $44US

Arginine is naturally present in many foods you eat. It lowers cholesterol, increases male and female potency, boosts your immune system, and keeps you mentally alert. It also increases your body's ability to burn fat, while at the same time increasing your muscle mass.

Bodybuilders have used arginine for many years to increase muscle growth without the harmful side effects of steroids. Many athletes today now use it for a competitive edge in their sports. This natural amino acid is one of the most powerful nutraceuticals available today.

 Arginine is also an HGH enhancer. It stimulates your body to release the anti-aging human growth hormone known as HGH. Human growth hormone has been shown to slow and often reverse your aging process and massively reducing the aging process. There is another benefit of arginine being an HGH enhancer. Your bone density will also increase. The arterial cleansing that it does will significantly reduce high blood pressure and reduce the risk of blood clots, which cause strokes and heart attacks. Your improved blood circulation can restore erectile function to impotent men and enhance libido for women also.

Arginine works as well as statin drugs in lowering cholesterol. It also keeps "bad" cholesterol from oxidizing and clogging your arteries. All this is done without the side effects statin drugs have such as cognitive impairment and cancer.

Arginine without a doubt is "One Of The Most Significant Health Findings For This Century" Arginine can be a very effective addition to your anti-aging regime because it can actually rejuvenate your circulatory system.