Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Messages from Nature

Transference of powerful energies directly from the wisdom of nature!

Primordial Changes

You are being called to embrace the depths of your receptivity, become a divine child to the primordial mother you are being protected and nurtured through the power of devotion. This means trusting the spiral of creation, the process of emergence, it means making choices without guarantees, from one moment to the next, implicitly trusting your inner (heart) knowing.

You are spiraling the path of cosmic evolution, steering the primordial waters of creation, spiral upon spiral in the wheel of destiny. All in the 3 dimensional universe moves in a spiral path from the smallest DNA spiral to the greatest galaxy swirling relentlessly in space like the spinning of the dervish. We are propelled. This represents the direct connection from this pattern, the universal web connecting all points in time and space, from earth to all other realities.

 As a totality an inseparable whole

Our resonances are changing, don't be surprised if you no longer feel comfortable with daily routines. Routines are changing so allow for the changes and consider how far you have come in your journey. Let go of things that crowd your space,  close some tabs, 'delete old apps' make new space and allow yourself to download a NEW operating system, clarity will come, practice patience and surrender you will find your groove.

 “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances” Maya Angelou

The Emperors Collection

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