Sunday, July 10, 2011

about Health and Cosmic Harmony

In harmony with nature and the cosmos

Health care is one of the major preoccupations of human beings. And now in this millennium, we are facing a Global health crisis.

Despite the enormous resources put into research in the Allopathic field and Western medicine technological advancements it seems good resources as well as wonderful Scientific findings and discoveries, are being thrown away on the systemically failed doctrine of a 'drug induced' coma type existence, advocated by the a system that thrives of sickness rather then health.

Clearly it has done very little in terms to alleviating the ever-increasing numbers suffering from, illnesses & symptoms related to bio-chemical radiation, free radicals etc.
This leads to a breakdown of the immune system, which appears to be perpetuated even further with the addition of Pharma-chemical drugs that penetrate (even further) into our system.
Most illnesses remain a growing challenge to the scientists of Western fields of medicine as exemplified by cancer, AIDS and so on.

Phyto-Nucleus (embryotherapy) utilizes the technology Allopathy, with the Principles of Subtle Energy, or Vital Life Force energy and the all natural subatomic structure of the Vegetable kingdom.

The Result of this Unique combination of resources has brought Medicine into the 21st Century at it's rightful standing entering into an Era of the evolution of Mind/Body/Soul.

How should we otherwise adapt to the powerful Cosmic shifts taking place at a Macro/microcosmic level, other then with a cosmodic remedy that allows us to shift our physical structures into the dawning Era of Quantum existence.

Phyto-chemicals are mixtures of many naturally produced compounds extracted from a single or many plants. In the case of Phyto-Nucleus or Phyto-embroyotherapy, (which is a sub-catagory of Phytotherapy) the Phyto-chemicals are extracted via pharmaceutical technologies, from Buds which are the actual Stem Cells (nucleus) of the Bud.

They are thought to display a wide range of beneficial effects than the monosubstances of Allopathic medicine, with none of the harmful side effects, and are therefore very potent when taken as medications for chronic illnesses and for handling of metabolic disorders.

Phytotherapy is an ancient medication

The historian Herodot wrote that the builders of the Egyptian pyramids were given large amount of garlic, to protect them against Malaria. The antimicrobial properties of this plant were also used for centuries. Other evidence for the great importance of herbal medicine in the past is the fact that several old Chinese documents are essentially lists of herbs with their medicinal uses.

All Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is energy medicine and follows inline with the Chi Meridian energy and the subtle energy system that Chinese culture adheres to.

By Combining The Phyto-Nucleus (embroyotherapeutic) Principle and Chinese Potent Herbal Formula that go back to ancient, recorded knowledge and studies from millenia by such as the Ming dynasty.