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Understanding the Phyto-nucleus Breakthrough

The Phyto Nucleus (stemcell) Breakthrough
Phytotherapy in the current period: A Revolution~

Phyto-Nucleus Therapy only uses the buds and young shoots of the plants, at the embryonic stage. The use of buds in traditional pharmacopeia (Gemmotherapy) dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.
Modern technology has made possible a giant leap in this potential. Phyto-Nucleus therapy is creating a new panacea in the science of Plant Alchemy.

Phyto-embryonic Breakthrough and Brief Overview

What is Special about Our Treatment ?

"The Healing Garden, a natural heaven for body, senses and spirit. Clean clear energy for mind & body"

Phyto-nucleus medicine is the basis of all of elixirs combined. Sub atomic elements taken from the nucleus of the plant only available in buds, this on a molecular level restoring the functioning of the cells, tissues, organs and glands.

It Greatly assists the body in its elimination of toxins, free-radicals, drugs etc, thus restoring the functioning of all systems and glands. And in addition it acts as a catalyst to speed up metabolism at a cellular level as well as enhancing the movement of Ions into and out of the cell, increasing the life force of the whole body organism. Reviving each deteriorating cell.

The nature of Phyto-nucleus medicine is a Cosmodic healing system that stimulates the bodies own healing responses-through releasing stored memories of trauma from the muscles, nerves and brain where it is stored over many years, by this release of old trauma, patterns of thought, and negative habits, done through the saturation of phyto-chemicals in the system which stimulate the smallest physical structure- the cell- thus rapidly increases the life force energy and alters the 'frequencies' of the human body reconnecting it to the cosmic field in turn aligning and activating the electric body.

Phyto-Nucleus extract of active pure phyto-chemicals are the latest in the Natural health medicines used in micro doses with maximum effectiveness with no negative side effects.

At the Leading threshold of Curative treatment is 'Vital' Life restoring Energy medicine, yet little has been researched and developed around their limitless potential and its multi-layered dimensions. Phyto-Nucleus Technology, is a, 'Holographic' energy medicine appearing in 'wake' of the advancement of the Human spirit.

After the Total restoration of Health and Vitality, the immune system and all that is needed to make the human 'instrument' function at its optimum level, mentally physically and spiritually.

What can be achieved with this new technology and developement?

Phyto-Nucleus Vibrational Medicine & Universal Layers

Phyto-Nucleus uses the vibrational fields aswell as the physical paradigm to catalize healing and therefore a form of COSMODIC healing by amplifying the body's own healing reactions by restoration of the body's healing programs reminding the body how to perform adaptation more efficiently. Once the body remembers, the response is dramatic. The body even remembers how to regenerate, and can restore tissues and organs into their original states.

Beyond this technology is the advancement of our own innate abilities to heal oursleves, others and go beyond our physical limitations to a higher vibrational existence, phyto-nucleus technology can take us beyond the threshold of Healing into experiencing a higher vibrational way of 'being' by opening up our consciousness to the multi-layered dimensions.

Different aspects of the human being are layers and can be treated one after another.discovered by Hahnemann in his theory of miasms. ~ miasms can be acquired acutely or they can be congenital or latent, until some negative experience or normal aging trigger their appearance as a symptom and then as dis-ease.

The individual layer with eventually sub-layers, caused by vaccination, allopathic drugging or important emotional afflictions, and the universal layers, treating lack of self-confidence, affective problems, incarnation problems, lack of boundaries, old traumas (victim problems), guilt (bully side) and duality, the final obstacle to our unification with our higher self our soul.

In totality there are seven universal layers. At the individual layer everybody needs his individual remedy, but once arrived in the universal layers we merge into the ocean of Universal energies where
the individuality of the person seems to be lost, yet once the person enters these universal layers combining these powerful systems and extracts alike can assist to evolve to deeper awareness and more stability in both physical and emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

The Cosmodic Era: A complete Overview

Phyto-Nucleus a Cosmodic philosophy

A new approach in Energy medicine that is completely corrective taking the journey back to health to another level, where healing takes place interconnected, between Mind, body & spirit.

There are also obvious physiological results with this treatment, the regeneration of heart muscle, lungs and kidneys, as well as cellular repair throughout the entire body. All these healing miracles and yet, the potential is still limitless; the study in Cosmodic therapies and Phyto-Nucleus formula has just begun, the defining magical component may be attributed to the activation of stem cells in the body.

Also the penetration of vibrations and Phyto-molecular materia, is capable of affecting the brain’s delta-waves, which contain our most ancient regenerative programs and which typically do not respond to any form of stimulation. - This in itself implies the potential for each of us to produce Fluid Intelligence.

Additionally Phyto-Nucleus treatment strengthens and optimizes the adaptive reactions through Cosmodic means, helping the body to complete the healing cycle faster. This deep penetration of energy reaches the most subtle levels of healing, at it's core, and is therefore quite universal and good for acute & chronic conditions of various kinds which would under normal circumstances, provoke a healing crisis, but the Cosmodic path supports the body's ability to adapt to the New vibrational blueprint at the deepest cellular levels, thus avoiding this type of healing crisis

Cleaning cellular memory and reminding the body how to heal and regenerate as in its original design is the criterea in the New generation of Pure energy medicine- these increase the level of systemic coherence, restoring our connection to the much bigger whole, which we are all a part of.
The Cosmos is living and intelligent, and Coherent Energy Technologies such as Cosmodic- Phyto-Nucleus, simply heal our separation from it {the Cosmos}.

As the level of human consciousness rises, Cosmodic will inevitably become a primary form of assistance in healing.

Gemmotherapy And Oligotherapy

Oligotherapy uses individual trace minerals for therapeutic support, supplementing the necessary minerals for enzymatic functions. Oligotherapy remedies are considered as catalysts that speed up metabolism at the cellular level. Oligotherapy remedies also provide essential nutrition to stop free radical activity which destroy body tissue.

Oligotherapy supplementation is believed to enhance the movement of ions, essential for life, into and out of the cell. They work by optimizing the ionic channels on the surface of cells allowing flow to occur.

These methods are components to Phyto-Nucleus Therapy
Gemmotherapy represents an evolution in phytotherapy in this Era.


A plant has stored in its buds the most precious genetic material which serves for its further duplication. Why? Gemmotherapeuticum includes within itself the advantages of alopathic and holistic procedures. Healing substances are located in measurable concentrations in the preparations.


Treatment with buds always starts with detoxification - this means using a drainage means (especially birch, beech or oak, exceptionally elm) which is used for at least 2-3 days. Extracts from buds are usually measured as follows: 1 kg of body weight to 1 drop. This amount of drops is divided into three doses a day (e.g., with body weight of 60 kg, the daily usage is 20 drops, 3 times a day). Usually after drainage 2 packages of a specific means are used. It is advisable to consult usage with an experienced specialist. These treatments do not supplement the care of a doctor


Buds add to an organism mineral substances, vitamins, phyto-chemicals, trace elements and enzymes, and thus its immunity increases. At the same time, the functioning of the central nervous system is improved. You can find detailed information in the book of J. A. Zentrich - Gemmotherapy.

Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy (more specifically embryophytotherapy) which was discovered by Henri Pol Bruxele and colleagues in 1965. This was further detailed and developed into a clinical application by Max Tetau, MD. Gemmotherapy employs glycerine macerates of fresh buds and other vegetative tissues in the growing stage.

Dechelating lithotherapy uses dilutions of minerals and rocks to help liberate oligoelements (trace elements) so that the latter can be more efficiently utilized by the body. Oligotherapy utilizes dilutions of trace elements to improve enzyme function and is commonly used with the other therapies mentioned.

Oligotherapy (trace mineral therapy) is often used concurrently with gemmotherapy as they act as catalysts. The oligo elements catalyze the enzymatic systems of the body to more efficiently utilize the gemmotherapy: allowing detoxification that would take months with gemmotherapy alone to happen within weeks.

Gemmotherapy incorporates the buds of fresh plants or embryonic tissues in the growth phase, such as young shoots. These tissues are rich in growth factors, including phyto hormones, auxins and gibberellins. The active principles in the gems are present which start to disappear after a plant reaches a certain point in its growth.

An example is auxin which is a hormone found in plants, in vitro studies show that auxins stimulate cell growth. This substance has been tried in agricultural applications and has been successfully used in Italian peach orchards for the purpose of growing larger peaches that have a better resistance to disease.

Auxins have a fetal hormonal action and are found only in the buds of a plant. Gibberellins are the other principle factors in these remedies. They stimulate RNA and protein synthesis. Like the auxins, they are present only in the buds and are not found in the whole plant. Therefore all of our current homeopathic remedies that are prepared from the whole plant (usually flowering) do not have these key elements present.

A phytoestrogen is a naturally-occurring plant nutrient that exerts an estrogen-like action on the body. Gemmotherapeuticum includes within itself the advantages of allopathic and holistic procedures. Healing substances are located in measurable concentrations in the preparations.
The synergy of the complementary blend of Herbs within each combination, is what makes it so effective and powerful.

Phyto- is from the Greek phyton meaning plant. A phytoestrogen is a naturally-occurring plant nutrient that exerts an estrogen-like action on the body. Scientists have discovered hundreds of phytoestrogens in many herbs.

Phyto-Nucleus or Standardized active ingredient extracts are the latest in the Natural Herbs used as micro doses with maximum effectiveness and having no side effects. 100% natural and vegetarian.

The Oriental Herb Philosophy

The Chinese have studied the medicinal effects of herbs for thousands of years. Specific directions were developed on how to pick the herbs, preserve the herbs, and how to prepare the herbal remedies.

The Chinese understood how certain herbs could be made more dilute and still achieve pharmacological effectiveness.
Oriental Herbal Remedies utilize the compatibility of herbology and energy medicine. This is to insure safety first, while guaranteeing effectiveness.

Phyto-estrogens Reduce Risk for Cancer

In a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives (103;Suppl 7:103-112;1995), researchers reported that, in addition to their benefits for the glandular system, phytoestrogens have been shown to have antioxidant activity and can influence intracellular enzymes, protein synthesis, growth factor action, and cell proliferation in a way that makes them "strong candidates for a role as natural cancer-protective compounds." The authors point out that countries or regions that consume the highest amounts of phytoestrogens also tend to have the lowest cancer rates.

Phytotherapy; in the current period, an 'evolution'

Phyto-nucleus active components extract also known as Standardized Extracts, further refined using Herbal and Gemmotherapeutic principals.

Phyto-Nucleus Cosmodic Technology is a Combination of 3 Powerful and advanced technologies and therefore a Superior, deep penetrating, Dynamic catalyst that acts as a restorer of the Vital life force energy field in quantum measure.