Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jing-Chi elixir 'The Super conductor'

Jing-chi "Vital essence~ Life force"

High level 'Super' Nutritional properties

Improves blood circulation throughout the body,
Cardiac disease and cerebro cardiac diseases
Creates a matrix for new bone formation particularly in the teeth
Increases collagen production supporting bone formation/teeth formation
Inhibits desire for alcohol consumption
Anti-cancer\anti tumour increases oygen supply in the body vastly
Creates chi/qi energy
rejuvenative and liver tonic
darkens and strengthens [grey] hair, strengthens [blurry] eyes
astringent, purgative,
can be used topically for atheletes foot, ecxema dermatitis wounds
cirrhosis, hepatitis, or enlargement of the liver and spleen
skin disorders nervous disorders, treat mental disorders, headaches, and insomnia
also for schizophrenia,
for overall regenration and longevity for darkening of hair anti-aging

Some more benefits:

Strengthens and stabilizes – lower back, knees, helps one go forward whilst supporting immune system
Increases sperm count and strengthens ovum used to maintain youthful condition and hair colour
Cleans blood kidney and liver gently but effectively (anti inflammatory)
Has potent anti oxydents and clears blurry eyes.
Ability to accumulate tremendous quantities of chi/qi with it’s root
Tonifies organs fortifies blood, ionizes radiation damage
Rich in iron and zinc and anti-oxyidants and anti oxidant potentiating molecules
Stimulates bodys ability to superoxidate free radicals from the body
Sexual and reproductive health- improves adrenal gland dysfunctioning.
Tones jing [vital essence] provides deep primordial energy
Prevents premature ageing, calms nervous system
Generates SOD needed to regenerate body and anti againg longevity activity
Found to enhance numerous aspects of the body and functions also due to zinc
It is a tonic for the endocrine glands, it improves health, stamina and resistance to disease. It is used to reduce cholesterol because of its lecithin.

It is used for angina pectoris, bloody stools, hypoglycemia, diabetes, night sweating, schizophrenia, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, head injuries, impotence, malaria, sores, cuts, and ringworm. It promotes red blood cells, helps rid intestinal parasites, and is good for resistance to cold.

improves the cardiovascular system, enhances immune functions, slows the degeneration of glands, increases antioxidant activity, and reduces the accumulation of lipid peroxidation.

combating some of the processes that lead to conditions characteristic of old age, thereby also reducing the risk of fatal diseases (e.g., cancer) and incidents (e.g., heart attack, stroke). results were shown to have effects on the antioxidant system superoxide dismutase (SOD), accumulation of lipid peroxidase, and enhancement of cell-mediated immune responses, Other antiaging substances studied extensively include ginseng, astragalus 12 various such herbs are used in this formula it is a Life giving and Anti-ageing Tonic.

Increases essence and blood
Sperm count in men and ovum in women
Anti Leukemia
for improving circulation, as well as boosting and rejuvenating the connective tissue - the foundation of your skin and regenerating skin cells.

The bio-minerals (manganese, magnesium, iron and copper) contained are necessary for collagen and elastin biosynthesis, while the organic silicon will link the produced collagen fibers and so help the rebuilding of connective tissue. Also gives you high level stamina giving atheletes super human strength and Energy.

angelica sinensis
poria cocus
he shou wu
poligonium multiflora
chuan xiong
rehmania glutinosa
salvia mitt,
noto ginseng
mucuna prureins
pueraria mirifica
wild chaga mushroom

Jing-Chi elixir 30ml bottle spagyric concentrate $33US