Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shankara Skin elixir Anti-aging for all skin

The skin regenerator

All purpose skin elixir. Shankara skin elixir does for the skin what the Jing-chi elixir does for the body, this is a highly charged anti-aging elixir that turns the clock back for the skin. for reduction of deep lines, wrinkles, dark patches, eczema, acne, psoriasis, rashes, blotchy areas, sagging skin and tissue damage.

Shankara elixir should be taken ito support saturate the system, for ALL skin conditions, age spots and blemishes, eczema, phsoriasis, reduction of lines and wrinkles, closes large pores and changes skin complexion from dull to glowing!

Very good for scars, bruises and burns, stretchmarks~ can be taken internally for healing internal bruising and to control internal bleeding. High in Anti-oxydants for anti-aging pimples and acne. ~ This is a very effective Tonic for clear skin blemish free. Helps eliminate deep lines and wrinkles by infusion of massive amounts of Jing-chi. Many of the benefits of the Jing-Chi elixir, it is based on balancing the Jing (Vital essence) and Chi (Life Force) in the skin.


mulberry root
mulberry root
coptis root
mucuna pruriens
carica papaya
flow genkwa
urtica urns
berberic aquafolium
cortex mimosa
pueraria mirifica
apple peel extr.

Shankara elixir 30ml $30US