Saturday, July 9, 2011

Venus Breast firming elixir

Venus Breast firming elixir firms and Increases Breasts size

also tightens and strengthens vaginal muscles, sagging skin and breasts, wrinkled skin, bone loss, gray hair, increases collagen production and phyto-chemicals promote body to produce new estrogen. Breast size increase (depending on age of woman) will take 3-9 months to reach maximum size, quality of skin around breast becomes soft and subtle, stretch marks disappear and any bumps and uneven marks and blemishes reduce and disappear also. All aging signs and symptoms will, to a large extent, be reversed.

Breast remain firm and increased permenantly with use of the Venus elixir and Venus Serum. Venus Serum should be used together with Blossom Breast gel for best results Ingredients: Saw palmetto Beta sitersterol paw paw [carica papaya] pueraria mirifica kansui root 

Venus Breast firming elixir 30ml $33US