Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oxy-Follicle Hair Growth elixir

Oxy-follicle elixir restores hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle directly through the pore

Who will Oxy-follicle Hair elixir benefit?

* Those with thinning hair
* People who wish their hair to grow faster
* Individuals with fine hair
* Male-pattern baldness
* Post-surgical patients
* Individuals with cancer or lupus
* Dandruff and scalp problems
* Insufficient blood supply to the scalp and poor circulation, or
* Excessive oily sebum buildup on the scalp causing pore clogging and malnutrition in the hair root

When this occurs, some of the malnourished follicles will gradually die, but most will simply shrink to the size they were when you were born. These small follicles produce weaker hairs. More hairs are shed, and new hairs become thinner and thinner until they are too fine to survive daily wear and tear. In fact even if you have suffered baldness at an early age and have been bald for more than 20 years!

The Oxy-follicle Hair elixir will stimulate and activate growth of new hair throughout the entire area of baldness until thickness is achieved, and hair has grown back to its potential.

How the Program Works for Men & Women:

* It removes the buildup on your scalp and in the pores that is clogging the hair folicles.
* It increases blood circulation to your scalp, helping to nourish the tissues.
* Nourishes also the hair roots, and promotes healthy hair growth
* Results are seen in only short weeks after beginning the program hair takes on a healthy thick and shiny texture using Oxy-Follicle Hair Elixir

Oxy-follicle Hair elixir is a hair restorer used to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth; it is also used to strengthen nails. it can be used in the following cases: - Hair loss of various origin. Deterioration of the hair structure (split hair, brittle and dull, lifeless hair). For Best results also use the Oxy-follicle Hair Serum.


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Oxy -Follicle Hair growth elixir 30ml $30US