Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Detox: Ear Coning

Thermo Auricular Therapy/Ear coning

Our Detox program is very effective when taken by itself, however if you would like to support your body further eliminating toxins there are a number of treatments that will help the body detox more rapidly when incorporated, ear coning/candling (thermo auricular therapy) is extremely beneficial since toxins make their way toward the head and feet zones, by helping unblock these canals and pathways detoxing will take place rapidly and comfortably.

Lost to us in modern civilization, ear coning (also known as Ear Candling, Auricular Candling and Ear Cleansing with Herbs), was used in initiation ceremonies by the Egyptians, Mayans and Tibetans with profound results.

Why Ear Coning?

We can do a lot to help ourselves. Digestion and respiratory troubles are directly connected. The link is the mucous membranes. Mucous membrane inflammation in the stomach can cause catarrh, which is acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes with hyper secretion (lots of mucous). Chronic inflammation of the Eustachian tube, blocked with mucous, can lead to progressive deafness. Also, fluid in the Eustachian tube creates lower pressure in the tube. Outside pressure will push the eardrum inwards causing moderate deafness, buzzing noises, pain, discomfort and the sensation of the ear being full.

How does ear coning work??

1. The smoke spiraling into the ear canal from the small end of the cone with some force.

2. The fire at the wide end, looking for more oxygen, gently draws through the small end which is sealed in the opening of the ear canal.

3. The Native tribes believed smoke to be the conduit between the physical and spirit planes. We know clearing of any ailment cascades from non-physical to physical.As above so below. Coning (candling) has traditionally been used to clear earaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). It is also a powerful auric cleanser, which makes other bodywork more effective.

Benefits of ear coning:

Ear Coning is simply a catalyst to clear the respiratory system* It helps sinuses clear* It helps drain lymph glands* It vacuums off nerve endings in the ear canal* It vacuums out the Eustachian tube
A wonderful side effect is deep relaxation…it stimulates the anti stress acupuncture point in the auditory canal. You see its’ effect on hyper active kids as well as adults. Coning will also help the body to move out excess wax deposits. Earwax becomes dry and leaves the canal in tiny balls.
Coning is very relaxing and non-invasive, and there is no heat felt in the ear canal.
The cost for a one session ear candling is $55. (Both ears)

Each cone is handmade from 100% un-bleached cotton, 100% beeswax and herbs as essential oils, extracts and essences.

Ear Coning may provide these benefits:* Spiritual opening and emotional clearing* Auric cleansing* Realignment and cleansing of subtle energy flows* Sharpening of mental functioning, vision, hearing, smell, taste and color perception* Assists in clearing out debris from nerve endings allowing clear vibrational flow to corresponding areas of mind, body and spirit* Facilitates other body work

How often:

This is a healing process. We suggest seven conings, three to seven days apart. This allows the process to complete a cycle of clearing accumulated debris, on all auric levels. Each coning goes through the different energy centers and subtle bodies and clears through blocked and unresolved issues.

Normal earwax replenishes itself within 24 hours. Thereafter the ear can be coned every six months. Muscle testing (kinesiology) or pendulum can be used to determine how many conings are needed and when you have completed your process.

How it works on A Physical Level:

This starts a cleansing process, which is normal. You may feel increased pressure in the ears, fluid in the ears, movement or inflammation of the lymphatic system. Your body is clearing. Allow it! Cranial fluids are being realigned. You may feel improvements in sight, color perception and balance. This is due to subtle changes in energy flow. (If the pressure reaches a point of distracting discomfort, a follow-up coning should be done as soon as possible, as a strong movement has begun which needs completion.) Drink lots of water.Misalignment of occipital lobes, which lie underneath the base of the skull become pulled down from beneath the skull, as a result of stresses. The flow of cerebral fluid in the brain will become impaired, causing congestion in the ears, sinus cavity and neck tension, even moving to the shoulders. When coning, ongoing adjustment of the occipitals is recommended by chiropractic, though not absolutely necessary.

How It Works on a Metaphysical Level:

Coning works directly on the chakra system to clear and strengthen the auric bodies. It is said to dislodge discarnate entities and negativity. It's like smudging your insides. The ear contains nerve endings and acupuncture points to every other area of the body, mind and emotions. The nerve endings are connected by streams of the subtle energy flow which carry our life force energy.

If hearing is impaired or blocked, we are disconnected from that energy. Ear coning acts as a catalyst to clear out debris accumulated on nerve endings. This allows for clear vibrational flow to the corresponding area of the mind, body and spirit. This clears the way for other methods of healing.

Channelings on Ear Candling/Coning

This information on Ear Candling/Coning was channeled by Eleanor Bucci, Spiritual Consultant on 12/9/91 for the Jane Joy Foundation, Sedona, Arizona

"Ear candling/coning can be understood as an ancient healing modality - Atlantean, Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan - which has many other healing practices, periodically spent time in "hiding". It was originally used in conjunction with initiation practices for spiritual leaders in order to strengthen their positions a s bearers of great truths and as beacons of light in the darkness. Ear coning was used to open the spiritual centers and to clear and cleanse the physical as well as emotional and other auric bodies. It was used in conjunction with other healing practices and assumed a co-creative position with these practices.

Traditionally, conings were performed by master energetic healers who worked on the physical as well as intermediate planes.Conings were performed in the temples and usually occurred in a series of three, spaced strategically apart. The number of conings performed was individualized and depended upon either the amount of clearing which was necessary and/or the spiritual appetite of each person. Although seven conings were average, at times, as many as eleven conings were performed. Nine and eleven conings were considered to be aligned with the master numbers in numerology. Receiving nine or eleven conings symbolized achieving human perfection toward universal service.

Ear conings worked upon the physical body by detoxifying the sinus, lymphatic and other systems. Among other things, they provided clarity of hearing and vision, improvement in the sense of smell, taste and color perception as well as emotional stability and sharer mental functioning. In addition to working upon the physical body, coning worked directly with the chakra system to clear an strengthen the auric bodies as well. Traditionally, the first seven conings worked to clear and strengthen the physical body and the first seven layers of the auric field. Each coning would ALWAYS affect the physical body and then affect whichever auric layer needed most to be cleared at that moment.

For example, the first coning affected the physical body and either the first auric layer (etheric body) or the second auric layer (the emotional body) or the third auric layer (the mental body-thought forms) or the fourth auric layer (the astral body) or the fifth auric layer (the etheric template-associated with sound healing) or the sixth auric layer (the emotional level of the spiritual plane) or the seventh auric layer (the mental level of the spiritual plane-past life band and present life plan).In Egypt, however. at various times, auric bodies were intercepted and provoked to release blocked energy in a sequence.

For example, the first coning affected the physical body and the first auric layer, the second coning affected the physical body and the second auric layer and so on through the first seven conings. The eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh conings were performed in order to clear and strengthen the physical body and those bodies in the cosmic plane of existence - those crystalline bodies composed of extremely fine, high vibrations.

These conings were thought to totally purify the physical body and to fine tune the auric field in order to allow one to resonate in the purist from in preparation for supreme service.It must be realized that coning was done simultaneously and coordinated with advanced haling practices using color, crystal, sound, and other soon to be revealed methods, to correct the obstructed natural flow of energy, balance the system, realign the spinal structure and cleans the body.

These healing processes ritualistically purified individuals, allowing them to resonate to the highest vibrational frequencies. Realize, also, that upon your earth plane at this time, the number of conings required by individuals will be directly related to any other healing processes to which they are simultaneously exposed.

"We thank you for requesting our explanation of ear coning. We are most please to assist in bringing this to an understanding as now truly is the time for this, as well as other healing practices, to be more fully understood.