Monday, March 18, 2013

Blue 'Super-Charged' Solar Water

 This ancient alchemical secret has almost been lost to the world forever.

 The primordial power of the cosmic ray and how light waves can transform and heal us.
Here is an ancient alchemical secret that I have been using for decades, it has been tried and tested by many who are amazed and surprised to learn how simple it can be to super charge your water and the amazing benefits that make it into an elixir and 'Fountain of Youth'.
The thing about most people, is when given something this simple for FREE they will more often than not, make the assumption that it is of little value,  equating pain struggle and suffering with something of worth.

 The truth is this precious knowledge is being 'lost' to our civilization,  even ignored due to its simplistic nature and methodology. Is it because it comes from natures palette of 'available' sources that appear unlimited to us? Nature is not unlimited, yet when we lose sight of what is valueable in this world we risk losing it.

 Often times the Universe will send us something we most need that costs us nothing monetarily but through our own efforts and seeking we receive it in this manner. These my fellow seekers, are simply --B L E S S I N G S !

 Although the information is brief and available, and you have received this for Free the effect on your life can be dramatic and profound if you chose to make use of it!

 So may you All be Blessed~

 Here is the Secret Blue Solar water is water that has been left in a blue coloured transparent glass container directly under the sun for about an hour to an hour and a half. It becomes 'Highly charged' and has amazing and powerful healing properties!

 Most people laugh at first, but then after they try it, they all exclaim- 'The fountain of Youth!"

Qualities of Blue charged water~ -Anti-ageing benefits to skin when used topically -When used for drinking- Rejuvenative -Hydrates and softens Rough dry skin -reduces large pores -Grey or yellowish complexion or loss of 'Glow' to skin -refreshes, soothes and heals Red inflamed eyes -Great for chapped hands -stops hairloss for any of these conditions the Blue Solar water is remarkable!

Use liberally to wash but don't use too much on your hair if it is light, it tends to darken it. for dandruff and other flaking of the scalp, rub Blue solar water in with finger tips and massage thoroughly into the scalp if not too tender This treatment is also good for bald spots and thinning areas. Massage flabby flesh with Blue water and use for excess perspiration or profuse sweating The Blue charged water being an antiseptic and astringent it works well used orally and is better then tooth pastes and mouth washes for cleaning teeth and gums. It destroys germs and bacteria, hardens gums and sweetens breath. For sore tired feet a foot bath soaking them in Blue solar charged water will make them feel like dancing. 

Mix Blue solar water into your shaving water and note the refreshing lift it gives your face Hair may be darken by the use of Blue Solar water and lightened by the use of Amber (solar) water Use the water plain with your favourite soap For wounds or sores the Blue solar water is excellent used as a wash A little lemon juice squeezed into a glass of Blue solar water will make freckles vanish like magic, simply wash the skin with it and let it dry naturally A cloth rung out with Blue solar water and placed on the forehead will relieve an ordinary headache in a few minuites If a baby has a touch of colic then give a teaspoon on Blue solar water every 15 minuites, the effect is incredible,

 If you are suffering from catarrh or sinus problems inhale a small amount into the nose to clear the channels for sore throats gargle for relief. Indigestion and gastritis are readily relieved and cured by sipping Blue solar water every few minuites for a short while as well as inflamed gums, sore mouth etc, can be cured by holding Blue solar water in the mouth for a few minuites a time. Used in an eye cup or dropper it will cure inflamed eyes and strengthen weak eye muscles. will readily heal inflammatory conditions of the womb and rectum : Is especially good when Blue solar water is freshly charged in the sun For nervous people Blue solar water after meals is found to be exceptionally effective to restore a harmonious balance Small doses at intervals of an hour will cure digestion issues dysentery inflamed and painful stomachs as well as cancerous skin growths Use for insomnia one glass at night Blue solar water is among the best antiseptic astringent and sedative in nature! Blue water is an excellent laxative in 99% of cases.

 There are countless other things that Blue solar water is good for but are too numerous to mention You have now a very powerful and almost 'extinct' piece of Alchemical knowledge that has almost been lost to the world. The simplicity of Alchemy is the beauty and the power behind its healing properties;

 Give thanks to the Creator the Alchemist and Witch for this knowledge. Your welcome.

 Share and be merry, with those you care about and L O V E ♥

Your Alchemical Witch