Friday, April 12, 2013

Pure Rose Water

Pure Persian Rose water for Replenishing eyes

Your eyes they are the windows to your Soul~

Pure Rose water is a great Spa for the eyes replenishing and refreshing tired and bloodshot eyes. 

Antibacterial, antioxidant and exceptionally healing Counteracts fatiguing effects of cell phones and computers by helping restore the integrity of your electromagnetic field Heals eyes when used as eye wash removes floaters, pink eye, blurry vision, (from fatigue) and red bloodshot eyes.

-Fresh organically grown rose petals (approximately 10 rose petals making about 2 quarts rosewater).
-Blue Solar charged Water or distilled water– to cover for rose petals
-Cooking pot
-Coffee filters
-Slotted spoon for transferring rose petals from pot to strainer
-Large mixing bowl
-Glass jars and/or spray bottles for the finished product

Gather your fresh roses and take away the petals, Place petals inside a colander and rinse well, Spread petals on a clean counter or sheet of parchment paper. (make sure to look for any bugs)

Place petals towards the bottom of your pot and cover completely with sterilized water by about an inch. Gently heat water to steaming (don’t boil), and leave rose petals who are holding cards until all their color is lost and the water continues to be infused with it.

This may take anywhere from thirty minutes for an hour, so keep close track of things and give the pot a light stir now and then.

When your rose petals are carried out infusing, use a slotted spoon to carefully transfer them to a coffee filter lined strainer. Strain all items in the cooking pot right into a glass bowl, gently squeezing the petals to produce all of the water and oil from their store. Let cool completely.

When rosewater has cooled, strain again into another bowl utilizing the same method as before. This step enables you to get out any stray bits your vision may have missed to begin with.

Pour your finished rosewater into glass jars or spray bottles (empty glass spice jars make good containers with this). Keep refrigerated and use withing one or two weeks.

30ml bottle Pure Persian Rose water $11US